Finance Coach

A strategic sounding board to help CEOs develop, guide and support their financial strategy.

Finance Coach

“My work with Gene …
has been the critical factor
in my success … as CEO.”

Blaise Simqu, CEO,
Sage Publications

Finance Coach

“The consultants and experts I hire have
to bring more to the table than just their expertise.
Gene has the ability to discuss and debate many
critical issues I face. Sage advice, for me, is crucial.”

Gary Baker, President & Creative Strategist,
Baker Brand Communications

Finance Coach

“Gene helped me achieve a much better understanding of the financial aspects of our university, and of business finance in general. He was able to help me identify key metrics and trends in our financial reports that were not clear before.”

Dr. Chris Kimball, President of CLU

Hello and welcome to my coaching site.  Who needs to hire a financial coach?

  • CEOs and business owners who need tools to create and control a better financial strategy based on the financial realities of their companies, and who don’t feel comfortable getting those tools from their CFO.
  • Senior executives who get that a better understanding of finance is essential to their career development, including any aspirations to one day become a CEO and run a successful company.
  • A newly promoted executive whose new responsibilities include financial accountability in ways not previously experienced, and who realizes that success could be at risk without an adequate understanding of financial concepts and applications.
  • A controller who is the senior financial executive in their company, and who wants to become a fully capable CFO but doesn’t know how to get there, what knowledge gaps must be filled or skills learned or sharpened.

Why do I do this?  Because I have watched CEOs and senior executives struggle with financial strategies to achieve their expressed goals, yet they have no trusted advisors or resources to empower themselves in this area.

  • because they can’t see clearly the path between the action and the financial result, or
  • because they don’t really have faith in the relationship between a particular cause and the resultant effect in their company, or because uncertainty often produces inaction (as if inaction would somehow stop the bad results they’re getting), and
  • because my non-technical communication style has, in countless instances, relieved the reluctance to act, facilitated meaningful change, and delivered great results.
  • And that really feels good! It’s a great feeling to see the fruits of my efforts produce a solid win for everyone – including me.

I once gave an in-house workshop to the management team of a business book publisher at the CEO’s request, and at the end of the course they asked me to write a book for their customers. I did, and that book is available today because they had a collective “Aha” about how their company’s finances work. I care about CEOs and business owners finding the freedom from worry or doubt that comes with knowledge.  My presentations are designed to do just that. The financial ideas I talk about are expressed in easy-to-understand ways, always with visual support, rather than the technical jargon of most financial professionals. Through my nearly 20 years as a professional presenter, I can find unique ways to engage an audience or management team in active learning, active participation, and follow-on retention.

Good decisions start with good information that is understood and acted upon appropriately.

The Private Series “I want to get answers to my questions, my concerns, and my uncertainties, and I want to explore those answers privately, not in a room full of colleagues.” This is a series of private sessions that will address your top questions in the context of your company’s financial situation, as well as filling in any financial knowledge gaps you feel uncomfortable about, from financial reporting and performance metrics to financing the business and exit strategy options. We develop the agenda and timetable in advance, and arrange private sessions on your schedule at your offices or ours.

The Small Group Workshop  “Our team works together and grows the company together, but financial areas have been a roadblock for us and we want to remove those roadblocks – together.” This is a private workshop that will address the top 5 questions your select team wants to get answered in the context of your company’s financial situation, not some national average intended to apply to an entire audience. You and your team are the entire audience in this half-day or full-day session that will be built directly from the concerns you have raised in a private interview in advance of the session.

We will develop a personalized agenda which we will cover in conveniently scheduled, one-on-one, 2 to 3 hour sessions, at a location of your choice. I recommend a session every week or two to build on prior learning, with lots of reinforcement of key concepts. We will use selected visual aids, tools and examples from hundreds developed over the years, to help you really get what we’re talking about.

You may bring into the session a memo, report, CFO recommendation or board member question that you don’t fully understand, to grasp the essence of the matter or just to get a second opinion, before having to react to it. Why did The Wall Street Journal say that? What does this number from a public company’s annual report really mean? Why is my investor/chairman/board member asking that question? In English please.

We’ll progress through a confidential agenda from the basics to the complex, in private sessions at your convenience, held in the privacy of your offices or ours, and move through a tailored program at your speed, without predetermined expectations (unless they are yours).

AND, when internal financial issues arise in your company, we can shift the agenda instantly and learn from an actual, very relevant example. Concepts are reviewed and re-reviewed, so that knowledge gained can be effectively applied. You will develop a deep understanding and mastery of the issues, rather than the superficial awareness that often comes from reading a book or attending a seminar.

First, because my business and yours is really about people, and I really enjoy working with people, especially one-on-one where we can really focus on your unique situation. And because my background in operational finance is extensive, spanning over 40 years in public accounting, corporate finance and accounting, and financial management consulting. My communication style, like my writing style, is matter-of-fact, clear business language, without technical jargon to make me sound important or show you how much I know. In fact, while we’re expanding your knowledge and skill sets, I’ll be learning about your company and your job and finding ways to expand the value of our sessions to you, my customer.

I’ve been in your place and I know what it takes to run a company where every financial choice has consequences, and I know that you have to understand the interplay between action and results in order to have any chance to control the outcomes.

Please feel free to contact me at for an exploratory conversation with no obligation.  I will be glad to hear from you.