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A compendium of 26 nationally known business experts. 

Los Angeles, September 16, 2011:  Gene Siciliano, CPA, CMC® author, consultant, professional speaker and business coach, announced today his participation in a new book project, THE Book on Business from A to Z: The 260 Most Important Answers You Need to Know. Compiled and Edited by Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC® the book contains 26 chapters written by 26 of the best experts available on each of the key topics covered in the book.

Gene authored the chapter on cash flow in recognition of his belief that cash flow has become the measure of success or survival during the past few years, particularly for smaller companies that were unable to tap the few drops of credit that banks have been prepared to offer to their customers. Cash management including efficient deployment of cash and proper cash flow planning are often the difference that keeps a company alive and helps them get prepared for the endlessly delayed economic recovery. Gene said “I was delighted to be asked to write on this topic, because I think it’s perhaps the most important topic in the book.”

Daniel Feiman wrote on his website: This book is great especially for people who need a fast read with direct answers to specific business questions Excellent for either a new or existing business. This is for absolutely everyone in search of solid information on a range of business subjects. …

The range of subjects goes from Marketing to Branding to Valuation to Turnaround. If you want the answers to many common business problems and challenges, you will find them in this book.

While it is impossible to do full justice to every business subject in a single volume, what will surprise you is how much useful material the co-authors manage to provide in this one. Although the format is standardized, the individual co-author’s style remains to engage the reader on the essential points in each chapter. 

The book is available on a pre-publication order basis from, Apple’s iTunes, or a bookstore near you.

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