Fund raising Q&A: Collecting on Pledges

Q: What is an acceptable ratio of pledges paid to pledges promised?     A: The only good answer is: better than last year. There is no rule of thumb here, because the right metric depends on your history, your donor base, how passionate they are about your mission,...

Fund raising Q&A: The REAL cost of events

Q: When we add hard costs and soft costs (staff time) some of our special events don’t make money at all. Do you think we should cancel them? A: That really depends on two things: what your development staff would do with that freed up time, and how important those...

Fund raising Q&A: Where to begin

Q: We’ve been told fund raising starts with planning. We don’t have a strategic plan. How can we get started planning for our fund raising needs?  A: No strategic plan doesn’t mean you don’t plan. It just likely means you don’t look very far into the future....

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