As some of our readers may know, I’ve been honored to sit on the advisory panel of Nonprofit Business Advisor, a journal publication of Wiley Periodicals, Inc. for several years now, and I participated in a sponsored webinar on fund raising awhile back. However, my real interest in the nonprofit world is governance: how nonprofit boards guide their organizations more effectively, often with less money, and safely in compliance with rapidly expanding regulations designed to weed out those with poor governance and low commitment to mission. If you doubt this intent, just read through your most recent Form 990 and see the kind of questions being asked.

Well, the editors of Nonprofit Business Advisor have decided to publish an article I wrote for them on the subject of governance, or specifically, “Effective Governance in an Enduring Recession.” It will be printed in the August issue of the publication, so please look for it and give me your feedback.

If you don’t have a subscription to NBA, I think you should, and I think it should be distributed to each member of your board of directors. To get a subscription in time to read my article, call them at 888-378-2537 or email them at For quantity subscription discounts:

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

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