Budgeting Best Practices

An effective budget is probably the most valuable tool in a company’s arsenal for setting and meeting an annual profit target. In this course we discuss how to plan and carry out an effective budgeting process, and then how to use it to manage actual results and produce the bottom line goal envisioned by the budget.

We start by defining the tools that the planning department should develop on the front end – the launch directive and the data collection tools. Then we move on to cover best practices for building the budget in each key area – revenues, expenses, cash flow, capital expenditures and the balance sheet. The course then provides proven tools for monthly budget management – addressing problem areas, changing course and accountability.

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Strategic Planning for the Nonprofit Organization


In this course we discuss how to overcome the challenges to effective strategic planning in a nonprofit organization, in order to enable the executive team and board of directors to appropriately and effectively guide the organization’s future direction.

We start by discussing why strategic planning seems to be so difficult for nonprofit boards and management teams. Then we cover Issues like the board’s role, staff/board collaboration challenges, visionary thinking, risk taking and the relationship between strategic plans and day-to-day operations.

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Entrepreneurs: Finance Fundamentals for You

In this series of short clips from an extensive interview with, Gene discusses the kinds of financial pitfalls entrepreneurs and business owners often overlook as they build their companies. Any of these can dampen profits and cash flow, and over time they can be fatal to the business if not recognized and resolved.


Demo Video for Meeting Planners and Speakers Bureaus

Whether you own the business or are running it for someone else, the buck stops with you – sometimes literally! Your decisions are directly tied to the financial success of your company. It’s your responsibility to take your business to the next level. The potential is there, but will you achieve it?
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