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CFO For Rent® is the best fractional CFO / COO service in the country.

We can help you by the hour or by the project. The majority of our clients are at the stage where they need to transition from entrepreneurial to professional management. The catalyst for that change usually falls into what we call...

The Three Ts


Usually some external issue like a bank, government, auditor, or customer is requesting something that the company is having trouble providing.


New ownership structure, new software, new markets, new product, new business model. These are territories we're familiar with and can help you navigate.


Acquisitions or divestitures of all or part of the company. A great way to make change fast. We can guide you in making the wisest decisions along the way.

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About Our Managing Director

Robb Hagestad

I have spent my entire 30 plus years career building companies either as the principal or as a consultant. The core of CFO for Rent is being able to bring highly qualified people to a project that otherwise would not be able to afford them. 


I have specific experience in Manufacturing, Defense Contracting, Service, E-Commerce, SAS, and Construction.  I am also a licensed real estate agent in California.


I am also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at Antioch University.  My MBA is from Southern Methodist University and my BS in Finance is from Trinity University. 


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