Your CFO For Rent®

CEOs must fully understand the financial implications of their decisions, and are being held liable if they do not.

Controller For Rent™

Interim Controllers…for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years…vetted and overseen by Gene.

Executive Finance Coach

A strategic sounding board to help CEOs develop, guide and support their financial strategy

CFO For Rent™

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The last decade or so has shown us pretty clearly that you as a CEO can no longer afford to be a “non-financial executive.” Today CEOs are asked directly if they fully understand the financial implications of their decisions, and are being held liable if they do not. I can help. More…

Controller For Rent™

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Solid managers of your accounting staff – who will train, groom, and hold them accountable – are not easy to find, especially today. Or maybe you need an interim Controller to cover for your employee who is on sick leave or while you search for a new hire. We fill those gaps, for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years. More…

Exit Strategy

With the rapidly growing wave of baby boomer retirements, the sell side of the market (supply) will soon overwhelm the buy side (demand). Since only a few companies will successfully pass down to the family, that means only the best run and the best positioned companies will command top dollar, and many will not find a buyer at all. We will help you develop an exit strategy and a plan for implementing that strategy. Then we’ll provide active support in carrying out that plan. More…

Finance Coach

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I have watched CEOs struggle with financial strategies to achieve their expressed goals, yet they have no trusted advisors to empower themselves. They sometimes need a strategic sounding board to help them develop, guide and support their financial strategy, to confront the financial realities of their company, and to find (in private) the answers they need for leadership. More…


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The CEO who is dissatisfied with the performance of the finance department is often unsure about what to fix or how. We provide an expert opinion on the cause and the solution, whether the problem is the capability of the staff, the limitations of the systems, the management skills of department leaders, or the interface between all the moving parts. Typically it’s a combination of these factors, with one or two obstacles preventing movement toward a solution. We will identify those obstacles and recommend the highest value corrective action in a straightforward written report. More…

More About Gene

A committed educator in the field of business finance, Gene Siciliano is a Certified Management Consultant and a CPA, a former CFO, COO, controller and treasurer with 20 years experience in private practice. Gene is a professional speaker and author of Finance for Non-Financial Managers.
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I Wrote the Book

book-managersFinance for Non-financial Managers, published by McGraw-Hill, is my statement of financial principals and our starting point.
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