In my just released eBook, Finance for Administrative Assistants, I provide a basic overview of finance for administrators and non-management professionals who want to broaden their understanding of financial documents and how to interact with the finance department. NO technical jargon! Guaranteed!This eBook is ideal for administrative assistants and other support personnel whose jobs require them to have a basic knowledge of finance. We all rely on the finance department for information. This eBook will show you how to read the reports you will most likely see and how to better understand the information in them so that you are helping to make informed decisions that support your company’s profitability and financial management goals. It will also help you get information that you may not even know is available.My new eBook, available at, gives a basic overview of how finance departments work and the information they provide. This provides administrative assistants – and other support personnel who are accountable to those responsible for business results – with the tools they need to provide better support and to enhance their value to the company.The value of the finance department is in the information they provide. Employees of all levels, in all departments need financial information in almost every decision they make, though few of them really understand the resources they have available and how to use them.

People who don’t work in finance are often completely intimidated by the financial department and the work they do. The goal is really to demystify finance and make it clear that everyone can – and should – learn the basics. Get yours today at

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