If you’re active on the web as I am, you probably have dozens of
passwords to remember for all the controlled sites you visit. I have
nearly a hundred so far. If you keep them all in your head, you’re
clearly smarter than I am, and if you’ve got them written down on a
piece of paper somewhere, you’re clearly not.

My solution is
RoboForm, a password manager that is itself password controlled, but
once activated will with one click fill in the user ID and password
that you’ve selected for whatever site you’re trying to access. Thus
one humongous (if you want) password to open RoboForm, and ease
thereafter no matter how many controlled sites you visit. I think they
offer a free version that will enable 10 or so passwords to be saved
before you have to register and pay a modest one-time license fee.
Great utility program.

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