I’m teaching finance for non-financial managers to the management team of a company whose CEO believed they didn’t have enough appreciation for the financial side of their business. It’s a command performance, in effect, as all managers are required to attend.

You’d expect a “show me” attitude, wouldn’t you? Glum faces, resistance to participation, and doing only what is required. Well, you’d be wrong!

These folks are anxious to learn more about finance, and they particularly want to learn more about the financial affairs of their own company. They want to understand things like working capital, ROI, contribution margin, and debt management. Their participation is eager, sincere, and apparently driven by a genuine desire to get better at this foreign language called finance.

If your managers are unaware of the power of financial concepts and practices to improve profits and careers, and you wonder if closing that education gap could help your company, we should talk. I can practically guarantee you’ll like the results. Visit us at https://www.cfoforrent.com/ or http://www.genesiciliano.com/ to learn more about educational programs that can deliver an amazing return on investment, aka ROI.

And if any new readers know a good resource to get this kind of customized training, I’d like to know about it. Your comments are encouraged.

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