I was working with a small spreadsheet that I use to track some personal information today, and I wanted to have access to it from both my home and office PCs. My home machine has Microsoft Office 2007 and the office machine has Microsoft Office 2003.
In looking at the two files side by side, I noticed that the 2003 version file took up 621 kilobytes of space, but the 2007 version file took up only 365 kilobytes, a 41% savings of space! That’s a bunch! I checked out a larger Excel file and found a 55% savings in space. I know space is cheap these days, but using twice as much as you need has got to cost you sooner or later.
So if you use Microsoft products, and you can’t think of a good reason to upgrade your office software version, and the new look and features aren’t enough of an attraction, how about effectively doubling the size of your hard drive?
As always, I welcome your comments

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