First, full disclosure #1: “Non-digital” may not be a real word, but it’s my attempt to identify those businesses whose owners don’t rely on the Internet for their business and don’t think they’ll ever have to. Think: Blockbuster, Radio Shack, Borders, Polaroid, etc. Because they were huge they were a visible target, and they became obsolete in a couple decades by the power of technology. Because you’re not huge, it would be a mistake to think you’ll never be a target. Think of the little bookstore that used to be in your neighborhood. Thoughts for reflection on that idea is the subject of this post, as you contemplate your next strategic planning activity.

Next, full disclosure #2: This wisdom is not mine, but it’s the recent post of an entrepreneur that I interviewed many years ago for my newsletter, and who still has words of wisdom to share with every entrepreneur/business owner.

Finally, go to Dave Berkus’ latest post at his website and consider how this might touch you:


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