I recently wrote an article on the benefits of Open Book Management (OBM) that was published in my firm's print newsletter. The article noted that widely varied companies have benefited from the practice of sharing their financial affairs with their employees, although use of the practice is not widespread among the majority of (privately owned) companies.

We soon heard from the CEO of Exceptional Children's Foundation, a charitable service provider on whose board I serve, pointing out that OBM has been a key element in integrating a major acquisition they completed a couple years ago. Dr. Scott Bowling wrote: "To a great extent, we at ECF practice the principles your article promotes, which I think has contributed to our relative success through the merger and cultural integration process." 

Point made. Thank you, Dr. Bowling.

For everyone else, if you'd like a complimentary copy of the article, call us at 310-645-1091 and ask for Mary, our Public Relations Director. She'll be happy to respond. If you'd like to explore OBM for your company, call me. In either case, our office number is 888-788-6534 or 310-645-1091.

As always, I welcome your comments.

ECF provides programs and services to over 2,300 infants, youths, adults and their families each year. Clients served include people with learning and emotional disabilities, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and related conditions. ECF has 16 program sites located throughout Los Angeles County.

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