It’s in the nature of the free enterprise system. Most will benefit from the freedom we enjoy, but there will always be some who will find a way to take advantage of the freedom, to get ahead of you or take your money. In the internet age, they are afforded even more options to do that.

That’s the reality.

You cannot look to others, eg government, to protect you from all risk. You have to learn something about recognizing the risk, recognizing when someone is taking advantage, recognizing when “too good to be true” is really too good to be true. And since most of the risk is usually about taking your money, you have to learn more about money and how to use it and how to recognize the difference
between truth and fiction. That’s called finance, whether it’s about your business or personal money; and the person most accountable to protect you is – yeah, it’s you.

Time to learn more about money, about finance, about the numbers. Call if you need a coach to help you. We do that a lot.

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