We read the unemployment numbers regularly, and we look for employment to start turning up, or at least stop going down, as first signs that the consumer can afford to return to spending and make everyone’s life a little easier. We learn that still another company has failed, is failing or in danger of failing, and that cost cutting has included staff reductions. Bad news from every direction, it would seem.

Hire me woman But this has become good news for some companies, and I’ve experienced it first hand in Orange County, California. A client is looking to replace a departing controller and upgrade the qualifications of the position at the same time. As this is written, a search that would normally take us three months will likely take three weeks, with high quality candidates surfaced at all compensation levels for that key position. Search costs will also be lower than normal as online sources have produced a rich supply of candidates and agencies are accepting placement fees lower than at any time in recent years.

If you’re thinking that your financial department needs stronger personnel in key positions, this can be the best time in a half dozen years to go into the job market and make changes. Don’t pass up the opportunity if your company needs to make a change. And if you’re not sure, ask me to perform a financial department assessment, a service of my firm designed to answer that very question.

As always, I welcome your comments.

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