Considering refinancing your home mortgage? we just finished what I expect will be the last one for this home. You might want to consider it one more time to lock in rates you’ll be happy about for years to come.

Need a really good mortgage broker? I have an unqualified recommendation for you: Marty Stern of Primary Residential Mortgage in Petaluma, CA. Marty is a straight shooter in a world of spin, a guy who will be on your side when the media tells you no one is, a guy who will work with you until the deal is done.

And I do mean work with you, not on you. Marty went to bat for us when it seemed the big bank underwriters (he was a big bank guy then) were committed to hoarding cash instead of making loans. He even got us a lower rate at the 11th hour despite a rate lock that had no provision for lowering the rate.

My strong recommendation: contact Marty. Here’s how: or (707) 364-4115.

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As always, I welcome your comments.

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