Lots of small and mid-sized business owners have grown a few
years older during this enduring recession, like the rest of us. Many of them
have decided they don’t want to do that again – they’re nearing retirement age,
they’re past retirement age, they want to do something different. For whatever
reason, they think they want to get out of the business before the next

With lots of money lying around looking for places to work, this may
be a good time to think about that. Multiples are rising again, the news is
filled with more mega deals than in any time in years, and the economy is
slowly picking up steam.

So, how do you translate this trend into money in your pocket? How do you participate in the good news coming from Wall Street and get it to Main Street, where you and I live?

Depends on the kind of exit you have in mind, and when. Over
the next week or so I’ll post here some thought starters for you and your advisors,
reminders and alerts that will put money in your pocket if you follow them, or help
you understand where some of the pitfalls are. Stay tuned.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

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