Many of my friends in the law profession are experiencing the continuing effects of the recession, with billable hours and realization rates falling and staffing cutbacks as a result. Some former staff lawyers of large firms are now considering whether to look for other firms to employ them or (gasp) start their own. If you or anyone you know is having these experiences, allow me to recommend a highly regarded resource, and a trusted associate, in case you’re one of the few lawyers who has not heard of him.

Edward Poll is a nationally know writer, educator, coach and consultant on the business of law. He is a prolific author, with nearly a dozen books in print, some of them published by the ABA or the top legal publishers in the country. He is a former practicing lawyer and a former operating executive in a business, so he truly has experienced the full breadth of business practices that touch – or should – every law firm. His websites are and Ed has been a good friend for many years, and a trusted associate. If you think the business of law is something you need to learn more about, there is no better resource. Tell him I said so.

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