I have just recorded a new educational webinar – it’s an online course entitled:

Strategic Planning for the Nonprofit Organization

The course is based on my more than 15 years of working with nonprofit agencies from the consultant and board perspective. This course loaded with content that comes from my professional experience as a finance and governance advisor, board member, and professional speaker and trainer.

The website is www.proformative.com, a site developed to provide education to finance professionals and those who need to understand more about finance related topics. The specific link to get to my course is http://bit.ly/12io2vh. If you go there you can sign up for the course. Your registration gets you access to the presentation content, the PowerPoint slides, a glossary of key terms, review questions and a brief final exam for those who need CPE credits.

The site also has countless white papers on a host of financial, accounting and management topics from other authors, plus an online forum enabling you to ask questions of others in the network. As for my course, there are three ways you can register for it:

1. You can sign up with Proformative and pay the fee for the 1-hour course. The fee is $179.
2. You can use this discount code to get a 10% discount upon registration: siciliano10 and if you use the bitly link above (http://bit.ly/12io2vh) the discount code will automatically be inserted for you when you check out.
3. OR, if you’ve never registered for a Proformative course before (since it’s been up less than a year that’s the likely case) you can take your first course for free – whether it’s mine or someone else’s. You can still get the 10% discount on any subsequent courses you take by using the above code, for some limited time only, of course.

Once you’ve registered you can actually take the course anytime. I’d love your feedback too, of course, since this is the first program I’ve done for this company. I plan to do others on for-profit topics as well as not-for-profit, and your feedback will be very valuable to me and to Proformative.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

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