We get asked on occasion by new clients to help with their taxes. We tell them we are good at calling in Taxpayer their CPAs to talk about taxes, and that's who they should turn to for help. We get funny looks sometimes, but it doesn't change our (lack of) interest in doing tax returns. We keep a carefully selected database of good CPA firms for that purpose. For example…

I just received a very good newsletter outlining some excellent points for this year's tax planning, based on a host of new rules, some of which are intended to help taxpayers pay less tax. Best of all it's written in English instead of accountant-ese. Called "Tax Planning Letter 2009" it's a publication of Gerber & Co., Inc., a Los Angeles CPA firm. I bet if you dropped a note to Selwyn Gerber, Managing Partner, he'd send you one. Write him at sg@gerberco.com and tell him it's my fault. But you'll appreciate the good advice in the letter, so it's worth the effort.

As always I welcome your comments.

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