OK, maybe those weren’t words from an independent source exactly. But my book is still a best seller for good reason. Finance for Non-Financial Managers, published by McGraw-Hill, is truly finance in plain English for those who are averse to learning about finance and accounting reports and all that stuff. It’s used in classrooms and corporate offices, by big company executives and startup entrepreneurs. Why this book? Because you can understand it!

And if you buy it from us you also get the right to email me any questions that come up in your reading. And I’ll sign it for you besides. Is that a blatant pitch for your money? Yup! Go to Amazon.com and read the many reviews from delighted readers. Then you can either buy the book from Amazon for a few dollars off the cover price, or come to us and get the autographed book and the email rights for $14.95 plus shipping. It’s a steal! Go to https://www.cfoforrent.com/store/ and get yours while they last. OK, that last part is puffery. We’ve got lots of them. But they’re not helping you while they’re sitting on our shelf. Use your PayPal account or your credit card and get your copy now.

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