This wise quote compliments of Marsha Freedman, The PR Insider: Ask for help if you need it. Billionaire Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin Group, has been candid about his learning disability, dyslexia, and how he compensates. airplane

“For many years I ran the Virgin Group without knowing the difference between net and gross profits,” he wrote in a 2012 article. “We were all able to work together smoothly because I had learned the art of delegation by my teens. … When you’re dyslexic, you have to trust others to do tasks on your behalf. As an entrepreneur, I learned that surrounding myself with people who were better than me at specific tasks put me at an advantage because I was free to focus on the things I was good at.”

So, if finance isn’t your thing, but you recognize you need it to succeed in your business, GET HELP! Hey, I’m just sayin’

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